identyfikacja wizualna

Visual Identity

Why is visual identification so important?

Visual identification is a number of forms of media contact between your brand and the customer’s sense of sight. Based on the visual impressions, your recipient will achieve the correlation of the visual impressions with what you offer. Therefore, following the principle of the first seconds of eye contact, what you represent should be aesthetic, impeccable, clear, clear, subdued and rich.

Remember that once prepared, the logo will serve you until it can be renewed, which may result in better or worse brand reception in the future. The prepared logotype should therefore be timeless and at all costs survive any changes in trends in the form in which you received it. Pay attention to market leading brands for how long their logos last unchanged or slightly altered.

Logotype in Visual Identification. Is it worth following your logotype concept?

If you are not a designer and you are not familiar with graphics, contact us, we will be happy to show you what elements should be taken into account when designing. Do you have a concept? Feel free to share your idea, but remember there are people who deal with it professionally and they are familiar with the broad symbolism of a trademark, which your logotype may be. You don’t like the prepared logotype? Remember, it should appeal to your customers. A well-prepared logo will be remembered along with the constantly built brand awareness.

Our task is to reach a specific segment in which the brand will be offered, we will always rely on simplicity and minimalism, just like the largest brands in the world.

Are you a designer and you know graphics, do you need a contractor?

Okay, as long as your expectations are clearly specified, we can implement the sign for you, but remember that the time spent on corrections is always longer than preparing the right project from scratch. We know from experience that the implementation of the logotype with the expectations of experienced people is extremely difficult and often violates beliefs about the rightness of one’s own reflections.

How to interpret a logotype to bring out its symbolism?

Many artistic creations are a philosophy refined to the finished work, in such a way as to give a deep meaning to the work, making it even better, having added value. When designing, I focus on 3 symbols, using negative space. A deeper abstraction is unnecessary as these 3 elements may not always be discovered.

In the diagram, I have presented the studioejvi brand logo along with a description of the symbols so that you can easily interpret what I mean.