pozycjonowanie stron SEO SEM

SEO SEM positioning

What is website positioning?

In short, it is carrying out activities aimed at improving the position and appearance of the website in search engines. Find out more on my SEMSOS blog.

Does my website need SEO?

Enter the phrases that your recipients should find you in the Google search engine and check which positions you present in the search engine. If you are satisfied with your position, you do not need to do this. However, if you feel that your visibility is insufficient, you should order a positioning service.

I currently offer two types of positioning. SEO – Search engine optimization, where I perform activities on the website and on the Internet to improve the position and visibility in the search engine and SEM, paid modification of the search engine, using Google Adwords and Facebook Adds advertising campaigns. You will find more details on SEMSOS, there I focused on these two services because they require a broader perspective and it is impossible to put everything in one bag.

What are the benefits of SEO and SEM activities?

A seemingly trivial question cannot remain unanswered. Imagine a situation where you have priority everywhere, that your radiance is visible everywhere in the first place. These are the benefits. Leading position in the search engine, visibility on maps and social media. I guarantee high positions, very good quality indicators and an influence on sales.

Can I check my current service provider to see if they are complying with the contract and have a sufficient impact on my media position?

Skontaktuj się ze mną, mogę przeprowadzić audyt SEO i SEM, gdzie sprawdzę czy praca jest wykonywana należycie i dostatecznie.