Grafika użytkowa

Commercial Graphics

What is commercial graphics used for?

Usable and commercial graphics at certain stages of life are needed by everyone. From invitations for events such as children’s birthday, through labels and packaging, to diagrams, patterns for cutting on plotters or templates. Usable graphics, depending on their usability, are divided into:

  • Raster graphics
  • Vector art
  • 3D graphics.

What is raster graphics?

Raster graphics usually consist of dots (rasters) which represent the image arranged next to each other. Thanks to this arrangement, the printer fills each dot with a given color during printing processes. The dot density depends on the standard dots per inch dpi, i.e. the number of dots per square inch. Raster graphics are used in every industry for the production of flyers, advertising banners and billboards. In the production of raster graphics, photographs are very often used, which can be called up to bmp, png, jpg, gif and other popular formats in a lossless RAW format.

Below are some raster banners that I made for the needs of various entities.

baner facebook
On the occasion of New Year’s Eve, I was asked for this banner. I hope Daniel Craig won’t be offended.
dywan w salonie
Visualization of sophisticated carpets, CNC cut carpets
mockup szablonów ściennych
Here is a raster mockup showing plexiglass wall paintings

What is Mockup?

A mockup is simply a template in which you can dynamically replace elements so that you can quickly visualize the project. Over the years, I have prepared various mock-ups, from books to packaging for construction chemicals. Below is an example of a few mockups, from various sources, but used for my needs. I prepared both raster and vector templates.

mockup książki, oprawa miękka
Mockup of the book

ikona Zweryfikowane przez społeczność

mockup katalogu, szyte
Catalog mockup, sewn
mockup rollup
Rollup mockup

ikona Zweryfikowane przez społeczność

mockup książki fantasy
fantasy book mockup

ikona Zweryfikowane przez społeczność

What is vector graphics?

A vector graphic is a type of graphic that is described by the coordinates of points – lines, curves and shapes, i.e. vectors that have their value, direction and sense. The points from which vectors are derived are called nodes. We use vector graphics in the x and y planes, and the design sometimes resembles drawings from school geometry. In vector graphics, we have some limitations as to the distribution of shadows and smooth gradients, but still vector designs have no restrictions in quality when scaling. Of course, I exclude a case where someone intentionally placed e.g. a raster bitmap in a vector project. An additional advantage of vector projects is the ability to interpret lines and curves through cutting machines such as plotters and CNC machines, of course I mean 2-dimensional projects. In vector projects, we can also experiment with applying different layers of paint, varnishing, exposure, sandblasting and even gilding certain design elements. Additionally, vector graphics can be saved to SVG format from Scalable Vector Graphics, which allows us to manipulate graphics and even animate them using html and css code.

Below are some examples of vector projects implemented by me.

wektorowy szablon etykiet
Label designs have been applied to the Chinese vector template.
wektorowe elementy graficzne na stronę internetową
Several math functions drawn in vectors using VBA
Projekt opakowania wektorowego naniesiony na wzornik
Sample packaging made in vectors.
ilustracja kasku rowerowego
Vector illustration of a bicycle helmet

What is 3d graphics used for?

3D graphics has a number of applications in architecture, design for CNC cutters and 3d printers, and in all visualizations in which you can present a three-dimensional cross-section of the object. Advanced rendering techniques can provide us with photorealistic interior visualizations.

Creating 3D graphics always begins with the selection of the scene on which the models will be placed. Later we have the modeling stage in which we create models or complete the scene with 3D models. Then we texture it all and finally render.

Below is an example of the last project where I combined 3d graphics with raster graphics and prepared a visualization of a light box for use on the website.

wizualizacja kasetonu
The illustration shows a backlit visualization. The base is made as 3d graphics, rendered to a jpg file, then exported for raster processing>