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What services do i provide?

The basic services provided by me are barnding, visual identification and marketing communication.

As part of branding, it is performed:

  • Market analysis of the potential in the Google Display Network
  • Verification of competition in terms of the use of similar tools, analysis of the potential range of recipients and future advertising costs
  • Preparation of a name adequate to the business profile, while checking the availability of domains and the use of the name by other entities
  • Preparation of the entity’s vision and mission
  • Visual identification proposal

As part of visual identification, the following is performed:

Logotype design + key visual + sign card

The logotype is prepared based on the 3 main features of the brand, with the possible use of negative space. The nature of the logotype is aimed at the brand’s target group. Key Visual, i.e. the environment of the logotype, is prepared in accordance with the fundamental principles of design. The logo card in pdf form includes 2 pages with the logotype and instructions for its use.

Website graphic design

For the graphic design of the website, licensed images are used for reuse with changes or for reuse as is, depending on the use of the image. On request, individual iconography and illustrations are prepared, mainly in cases where the project concerns graphics for an online store.

Other visual identification materials

Designs of flyers, posters, letterhead (here also template document templates, including formatting of tables and charts), letter patterns, also banners and websites, and e-mails, footers and all the others

As part of marketing communication, the following are carried out:

  • Działania marketingowe w social media oraz w sieci reklamowej Google w tym w Youtube
  • Budowanie pozytywnego wizerunku marki
  • Działania SEO

As part of the monetization of advertising space, I do:

Installation and configuration of Google AdSense